Steve Roberts

Job # 242        Commons on the Tualatin Project

Project containing 264 units with a group of mother-in-law suites. Freedom Drywall was my drywall contractor for this project and was the first time I have used them. I have found that Erik who runs and manages the crew has the skills and the talents to get the work completed. He has proven over the course of the project to be a real team player and on many occasions has stepped up to pick up lost time. By other trades, his work ethic and skills are fantastic and well above the professional level, and has been an asset to this project. He has stepped up to any and all challenges I have given him and has completed every task to perfection. 

There are only a handful of contractors that I can say this about on this project, it has been my pleasure to work with Freedom Drywall on this project and it’s my hope to do so again in the near future. 

Thank You: Stephen Roberts